County Fair

Since the early 1900’s 4-H youth have been exhibiting their projects, from food to livestock, at the local County Fairs. In the Pierce County’s 4-H Horse project we use the County Fair as a qualifier to determine our State Fair Teams. (Each County sends their top 4-H exhibitors to compete at the Washington State 4-H Fair held in Puyallup every September).

To qualify for our County Fair with the Horse Project the following criteria must be met:

  1. Youth must be enrolled in the horse project(s) by May 1st and be in good standing with a local Pierce County 4-H Club
  2. The Pierce County 4-H Club and youth must in in good standing with the County Extension and Pierce County 4-H Horse Department; to include but not limited to:
    1. Representation at all General Horse Department Meetings
    2. In good financial standings
  3. Have a Horse Certificate turned into the Superintendent by May 1st (Horse Certificates can be found under “Resources”)
  4. Complete at least three (3) approved Educational Activities by Fair entry deadline (See the GET QUALIFIED form more specifics)
  5. Must attend a Pierce County 4-H Qualifying Show and participate in a Showmanship class receiving at least a white ribbon, as well as at compete in at least one division class for each division (Gaming, Performance, Sport Horse, Harness) you wish to compete in at County Fair.
  6. Fair entries are be entered through by July 20th!

State Fair Teams

In September the Washington State 4-H Fair takes place in Puyallup, WA.  4-H programs from all Washington State counties send their top youth to compete in a variety of competitions.  For the Horse Project only Intermediate and Senior exhibitors can compete at State in the following horse/handler divisions:  Performance, Gaming, Dressage, and Driving.  Youth can also participate on Judging and Groomsquad teams.

To qualify for a (horse/handler) State Team youth must complete one additional Educational Activity by County Fair, so at total of (4) four.

Team members are first chosen per State Fair Guidelines; ribbon placings

(2015 Pierce County Leaders voted to use a ladder system placing those youth who qualified with a Medals Class to be ranked over those who qualified in regular classes)

  • Blue Showmanship & Blue division riding/driving class
  • Blue Showmanship & Red division riding/driving class
  • Red Showmanship & Blue division riding/driving class
  • Red Showmanship & Red division riding/driving class (White ribbons do not qualify youth for State Fair)

Ribbon placings are then ranked using points (as noted below) to create a list of team members and alternates, per State Fair allocations

  • Highest showmanship "score" from a qualifying show
  • Highest ribbon placings in (2) two different riding/driving classes from the qualifying shows
  • Highest showmanship "score" from County Fair
  • Highest ribbon placings in (2) two different riding/driving classes from County Fair

(See the Handbook for point allocations)