Click below to see a list of Horse Certificates currently on file. The same information is on each list, it’s just organized differently. It is now too late to add a horse, but if see a correction that needs to be made (i.e. no longer have that horse or there is a member that has aged out of the program) please email Connie.

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  • 2018 Horse Certificate list (As of May 10th) If you see an error or if you are not listed, please see Connie Medeiros at the May Qualifying Show.

    If you are a new member or need to add a new horse…

Horse Certificates for each project animal must be on file by May 1st to participate in the 2017 Qualifying shows and Fairs. (Note: you may have multiple Certificates on file. If you have more than one horse you should submit a certificate for each, just in case.)

Common Questions about Horse Certificates:

  • Can kids share a horse? Yes, an unlimited number of siblings can share a horse. Only 2 non-family members can share a horse.
  • Should I put the registered name or the barn name? Put both. Registered name first then barn name in parenthesis.
  • What if I don’t know the birth date? Put 1/1 then the estimated year of birth.
  • What if I don’t know the breed? Put the breed your horse most resembles with an X after it.

Want to fill out horse certificates on your computer? Use this form. It will allow you to use actual photos of your horse. For a completed sample, click here.

Certificates can be turned in at the following locations:

  • Spring Extravaganza
  • April 20th General Meeting
  • April 30th Leader’s Fun’Raiser show

Any questions please feel free to use the “Contact Us” form.