Click below to see a list of Horse Certificates currently on file. The same information is on each list, it’s just organized differently. It is now too late to add a horse, but if see a correction that needs to be made (i.e. no longer have that horse or there is a member that has aged out of the program) please email Connie.

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  • 2018 Horse Certificate list (As of June 21st) If you see an error or if you are not listed, please contact Connie Medeiros.

    If you are a new member or need to add a new horse…

Horse Certificates for each project animal must be on file by May 1st to participate in the 2017 Qualifying shows and Fairs. (Note: you may have multiple Certificates on file. If you have more than one horse you should submit a certificate for each, just in case.)

Common Questions about Horse Certificates:

  • Can kids share a horse? Yes, an unlimited number of siblings can share a horse. Only 2 non-family members can share a horse.
  • Should I put the registered name or the barn name? Put both. Registered name first then barn name in parenthesis.
  • What if I don’t know the birth date? Put 1/1 then the estimated year of birth.
  • What if I don’t know the breed? Put the breed your horse most resembles with an X after it.

Want to fill out horse certificates on your computer? Use this form. It will allow you to use actual photos of your horse. For a completed sample, click here.

Certificates can be turned in at the following locations:

  • Spring Extravaganza
  • April 20th General Meeting
  • April 30th Leader’s Fun’Raiser show

Any questions please feel free to use the “Contact Us” form.