Pierce County Leader’s Council, Youth Opportunity Grants CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION

(Spring Extravaganza Applications must be submitted no later than 3/1/2017 and approved by the 3/19/2017 Leader’s Council Meeting)

Opportunity Grant Application Information:

Pierce County 4-H Youth Opportunity Grants are offered by the 4-H Leaders Council to encourage our 4-H youth to participate in out-of-county 4-H experiences, educational opportunities, and national competitions. Grants are awarded based on both the financial need and merit of the 4-H youth.


  • The youth must be currently enrolled or participating as a Pierce County 4-H member. 4-H membership is available to all youths (kindergarten – 19 years of age) without discrimination. Evidence of noncompliance may be reported to your local Extension Office.


An applicant may apply and receive a maximum of two grants during the course of one 4-H year. Total grants received by any one 4-H member may not exceed $200 in any given 4-H year.
Exceptions may be presented to the Scholarship Committee for consideration. The 4-H year is from Oct.1st to Sept.30th. Recipients of a Pierce County Leaders Council Youth Opportunity Grant must be prepared to share their experiences with other 4-H clubs and their community in the form of leadership, community service, or volunteering to help whenever help is needed.

  • Application Requirements:
    • Applications must be complete
    • Submitted applications must be neat, legible, and completed by the applicant
    • All required signatures must be on the application
    • Completed applications are to be submitted to the 4-H County Extension Office on or before the
      due date set by the Leaders Council for the upcoming event

District 3 Grants

(Spring Extravaganza deadline for applications 3/1/2017, Qualifying Shows 5/1/2016)

Available to youth who live in unincorporated Pierce County, District 3.  Find out what district you are in by clicking here.

Grant Applications CLICK HERE

NOTE:  District 3 Grants will only cover the $30 flat fee per day.  (So a max of $60 for the two day qualifying show) It will not cover stall fees, medals fees, or additional class entries.