Mailing Deadline, Postmarked – June 30th
Electronic Entry – July 2nd (Midnight)

If you are using the electronic entry please be sure to save the form to your computer first. We don’t suggest using a mobile device.  We received multiple blank entry forms last month, which we believe is due to not saving and renaming the form before attaching. It’s also imperative you enter the exhibitors name on the PayPal form so we can match payments with entries.

ENTRY DEADLINES will be enforced!  No showmanship and medal enteries accepted after July 2nd electronic entry deadline.


Reminder we are a volunteer run organization and events don’t happen without volunteer help.  Every family is expected to step up; work an event, help with event preparation and even clean up.  Sign up ahead of time or the day of, just be sure you sign up.  Youth will be asked, “What is your parent doing to help?” 


We have a June Parent/Leader’s Meeting on June 20th at Meridian Riding Club.  Every club needs to have representation.  If you can’t come but have internet capability you can connect via Zoom.  Just email Mike Seiber for instructions.


Connie will be putting a workshop to help families prepare for fair as well as offer one last chance to get your workshop educational credit. “The Road to the Fair” will be held Wednesday, June 27th at 6:30-8:30 pm at Frontier Park, Barn 2.


If there is a club or clubs interested in hosting a last chance Judging the Friday prior to the July Qualifying Show at Frontier Park, the board has pre-approved it, if we have a leader or leaders willing to organize.  Contact Jill if you are interested.


There is still some available slots for pre-fair presentations this Saturday at the 4-H Office  If you are interested email Mike Seiber ASAP.


We will be collecting Poster and Record books at the July Qualifying Show.  All POSTERS MUST BE ENTERED into FairEntry.com prior to turning them in.


We will be holding another Show Office Training on July 5th at Frontier Park.  We will be there from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  We need as many volunteers as possible to be familiar with what it takes to run a show, where supplies are kept, procedures, etc.  If you have any interest in these volunteer duties, now or in the future, we highly encourage you to attend.  We would really like to have a strong show committee in place by the end of the show season; so next year we can run the shows ourselves and remove the $5.00 Admin. fee.


Don’t forget our first CTR event is June 30th.  This is open to all, not just 4-H.  Please help us spread the word!  More information can be found on our website or Click here for the Flyer.


As you should be aware we are moving our cattle/working ranch horse classes to the Saturday prior to Fair.  The goal is to hold all working ranch horse classes in one day and the cattle work will be sorting!  To attend you just need to be qualified for Fair in any division (youth/horse combination).  Premium points will be applied, as with any other Fair Class, which means you get paid to attend. ?  Sign-ups will be done using FairEntry.com.

To make this a successful event we need help with the planning.  We will have a meeting at 6:00pm on June 20th prior to the Leader’s Meeting at Meridian Riding Club. (See Calendar for the address and directions.)   WE MUST HAVE AT LEAST 5 CLUBS INVOLVED IN THE PLANNING OR WE WON’T HOLD THE EVENT.  So If your club has youth who want to participate it is imperative you send someone to the planning meeting; it can be a youth, parent, or leader.


It’s time to start signing up for Fair, this means you need to be sure your horse is entered on 4HOnline.  Log into your account and be sure the horse you have qualified with is listed.  You can then go into FairEntry.comand start your sign-ups; poster, classes, etc.  All entries have to be in by July 11th.


All 4-H horse events are governed by the State rules, otherwise known as the PNW Contest Guide.  This is the where you find what equipment can be used or not used, proper attire, etc.  Per the Contest Guide “Counties are bound by State rules but may be more restrictive”.

The following are A FEW RULES under Western, Equipment in the Contest Guide which governs all Performance and Western Games:

  • If the cinch pin or tongue on the cinch is not being used, it must be removed
  • Any Western bridle, including snaffles and bosals, is allowed
  • A snaffle must have a curb strap, curb chain, or bit guards


1.     Can you use duct tape to secure your cinch pin?

Answer: No, being that counties are bound to State rules and can only add rules that are more restrictive, the cinch pin must be used (in the hole of the billet or cinch strap) or removed.

2.     Can an English bridle with a caveson and snaffle be used for gaming, without a curb strap?

Answer: No, not only does the rules state “Western Bridle” but also says a snaffle must have a curb strap.  In addition, under Western Games in the Contest Guide it states reins with buckles are not allowed. (which most English bridle reins have a buckle).

There are many more rules and guidelines you need to know. Please review the PNW Contest Guide prior to show day by clicking here.

Questions?  Please Contact Us