To be voted on in October
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The new 4-H year begins October 1st and there are currently a few proposals for changes on the table; some are pretty major changes.  It’s important that all members review and clubs vote (3 adults & 2 youth) at the October 18th General Meeting.

The list of proposals below are to be reviewed by the divisions prior to be presented and voted on by the membership in October.  It takes a 2/3 majority to overide the divisions recommendation.  There are some major changes here being reviewed.  If you have an opinion PLEASE attend the Division Meeting October 4th at the Library PAC (open to everyone interested)

Green horse Ground Driving pattern changes

Green Horse Round Pen Class

Novice In-Hand addition to the Handbook

Novice changes from 2/4 years to mastery of each class (3 blues)

Dressage and Fences, rename to “Sport Horse”

Horsemanship – Add Horse Masters Section


Below are two proposals that were presented at the July meeting that will be discussed and voted at the October General Meeting.  Again, some major changes.. PLEASE review and send members of your club to vote.

Change from Quarterly Meetings to Monthly

Division Chair Selection Procedure

Do you want to submit a statement for or against?  You can do so online and it will be shared with the membership prior to voting.  To do so go to our website under meetings & proposals, or click here.


This is the time of year to present recommended changes via a proposal.

“The proposal sponsor will complete an official proposal form (see Handbook, section 10, Chapter 1 for form) and submit an electronic or printed copy of it to the Horse Board.”

Proposal must be presented at one meeting and voted on at the next.  All additions and changes must be voted on no later than the April General meeting.

Any questions or concerns CONTACT US!