4-H Horse Dept. Happening
The first month of the new 4-H year has come and gone.  Have you finished your enrollment on 4HOnline?  Did you add your horse under “Animal/Livestock”?  Reminder, this year we will not be accepting the paper Horse Certificates for proof of your project.  All horses must be entered in 4HOnline by May 1, 2019 or they will not be eligible to participate at our qualifying shows and/or Fair.
Thank you to all those who stepped up to fill Division and Coordinator positions for the 2018-19 4-H Year (click here to find the roster).  We still have some vital positions needing to be filled.  If you are interested in leading one of these areas, PLEASE contact Jill or Connie ASAP.  Awards Coordinator – Duties include inventory and ordering of yearly ribbons, trophy collection, inventory and preparation for County Fair.  County Fair horse dept. ribbon inventory before and after Fair.Safety Coordinator – Assist with safety education at shows, fairs, & leader’s meetings.  Assist board member and show chair regarding safety concerns and action during our 4-H events.Senior Recognition – Assist with planning for Senior Buckles and Senior Recognition at Fair.  Can also work with Seniors to plan fundraising activities. Tack Exchange – Every year we do a tack sale and fundraiser at our Leader’s Clinic (March 23, 2019) and we need a volunteer to head up the planning, setup and take down.  We will not have a tack sale if we don’t have a coordinator. ☹
Gig Harbor 4-H has been approved to hold a workshop and Judging on December 23rd at Miracle Ranch (See event Calendar for details).  We need other clubs to step up and host judgings, workshops & clinics for the 2018-19 4-H year.  The winter months are a great time to start planning and scheduling.  Just remember you will need the board’s approval for the event to be added to the approved educational activities for 2018-19.   For a workshop or clinic proposal you must complete the proposal form a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event and email to the board, via Jill.  For a Judging, contest planning must be reviewed by the Judging Chair, Elaine Hettick, (for content, location, etc.) who will then forward it to the Horse Board for approval and calendar publication.  Email Elaine to get started.SHOW NEWS & CHAIRSWe are working to confirm our show dates for the 2019 Qualifying shows.  Our current plan is to start our shows on Friday evening with some of our Sport Horse classes (Dressage & Fences), details are still being worked out.  We STILL NEED TO FILL OUR SHOW CHAIR positions.  The show chair works closely with the show committee to keep our shows on track, coordinate the use of equipment, set-up & take down. Below is a list of events needing chairs, PLEASE EMAIL JILL if you are willing to help out:
April Fundraiser Show 
May Qualifying Sport Horse
May Qualifying Performance
May Qualifying Gaming
June Qualifying Sport Horse
June Qualifying Gaming
June Qualifying Performance
July Qualifying Sport Horse
July Qualifying Performance
July Qualifying Gaming
January is the last month to present any horse department proposals for changes to take affect for the 2018-19 4-H year.   If you have an idea for change, that requires revision of our Handbook, now is the time to get started.  See our handbook for details as to how.
Keep an eye on our Event Calendar for upcoming 4-H activities to include Horse Bowl practices, Workshops, Super Saturday, etc.
A quality feed program is essentials through the winter months.  Our wet grasses don’t provide the needed nutrition for most horses and supplementing with a good quality hay is essential.  Learn how to evaluate your horse’s body condition, is he too thin or too fat, by using “The Henneke System”.
Any Questions or concernsCONTACT US!