Quarterly Meetings Reminders

January is the month of meetings.  Our Horse Board meeting has been moved to the second Tuesday, so tonight, rather than the Second Wednesday (this is temporary and due to schedule conflicts). The third Wednesday of the month is our Horse Dept. Leaders/Parents General Meeting; it is mandatory every club have representation.  It will be held Wednesday, January 16th at the Meridian Riding Club, 7:00pm.  Please see our event calendar for directions, agenda, etc.

Spring Clinic Cancellation

Although we had a few people and clubs volunteer to handle certain aspects of the Spring Clinic we failed to get commitments for the actual planning of the event.  We realize part of this is due to the only weekend the Fairgrounds had available for our event was a WAHSET meet weekend and many of our dedicated volunteers have a dual commitment to WAHSET & 4-H.  Therefore, our leadership group had to look at the cost of renting the facility, the time it takes to plan, number of committed volunteers to plan and the activities needed to break even and make some profit, as this has been our primary fundraiser, and decide if we could still make this a successful event.  (Taking a loss on the event would be huge hit to our budget). The decision on whether to continue with planning had to be made by the end of December; due to clinic registrations needing to be published, clinicians needing to be secured, a deposit needing to be made on the facility, etc.  and therefore, the Horse Board has decided to cancel our reservations at the Western Washington Fairgrounds and cancel the 3-day “Spring Kick-off Clinic” this year. Hopefully next year we can make it happen!

Fundraising Shortfall

Each year the profits from the clinic, tack sale and silent auction, have been our primary fundraising.  These are the funds that help with things like awards, grants, and running our shows throughout the year.  Being we are not holding the 3-day clinic we are looking for additional ideas for fundraising.  The Board is exploring the idea of holding a one day “Super Saturday” or “Sunday” event at Frontier Park in April (working around WAHSET dates).  This event could involve a tack sale, silent auction, maybe a clothing thrift store drive, maybe even a judging.  An event that doesn’t involve coordinating 100 youth, their horses, multiple clinicians, doesn’t have a huge overhead cost for facility rentals, and still brings everyone together for a good cause of raising funds for our program.  We are open to ALL IDEAS and ANY HELP WE CAN GET. This will be a major discussion at our General Meeting on January 16th. 

Upcoming Activities

Be sure you keep an eye on our event calendar for upcoming activities like “Super Saturday” on January 26th!