Using Educational Activities to Attend Fairs

County Fair – In order to attend the Pierce County Fair you must have 3 educational credits. One of these must be a horse department activity and one must be a general 4-H activity. The third can be of either type. You can count one workshop and one judging towards your fair qualification.

State Fair – In addition to the 3 credits earned above, you must add a fourth credit of any type. Remember, only one workshop and one judging can count.

Using Educational Activities for Year End Awards

Exhibitors must meet the 3 credit rules above in order to be eligible for any year end awards.

A special Educational Activity award is available to the person in each age group who earns the most educational activity points. Each activity is assigned a point value based on the time and effort it takes to complete it. Every activity attended will earn points for the participant. There is no limit on how many workshops and judgings can be attended.

Requirements for Workshop Approval

  1. The workshop must last at least one hour.
  2. A Workshop/Clinic Proposal form (see below) must be submitted to the Horse Board at least 6 weeks before the event’s entry deadline.
  3. The workshop must be open to all horse project members, although division/skill/age level requirements may be imposed.
  4. A workshop contact person must be designated.
  5. The workshop must meet the educational goals of the Pierce County 4-H Horse Department and 4-H in general.

Educational Activity Forms

Downloadable Workshop Handouts