DECEMBER 2018 Update

This years clinic is to be held at the Western Washington State Fairgrounds (The Puyallup Fair!) on March 22-24, 2019.  Planning is under way but HELP is desperately needed!  Not only is this clinic a great opportunity for youth but it has also been our major fundraiser for the year.   Without these funds we could be limited on awards, grants, and show needs.

Connie Medeiros has volunteered to be our Coordinator but the event can not happen without the help of MANY OTHERS!  The next planning meeting will be in early January, date TBD.

Below is a list of Jobs (Duties) that need to be filled by individuals and/or clubs!  Please email Connie!

Clinician Coordinator

  • Prior to the Clinic
    • Contact possible clinicians
    • Keep track of positions filled
    • Keep clinicians up to date
  • During the Clinic
    • Assist with greeting & coordinating clinicians the day of
  • After Clinic
    • Thank you, notes/letters,

Donation Coordinator (Marie will help train)

  • Prior to the Clinic
    • Contact businesses for donations
    • Collect donations
    • Keep track of businesses contacted
  • During the clinic
    • Assist with Silent Auction donations
  • After Clinic
    • Thank you, notes/letters,

Tack Sale

  • Prior to the Clinic
    • Advertise!
    • Collect reservations
  • Day of Sale (Saturday of the Clinic)
    • Assign spaces
    • Answer questions
    • Help with set up & take down
    • Be available during sale

Silent Auction

  • Prior to the Clinic
    • Get word out to Clubs & ADVERTISE
    • Collect donated items that come in early
    • Print bid sheets and create log
  • At the Clinic (Friday & Saturday)
    • Set up auction tables
    • Create silent auction sheets
    • Collect club baskets
    • Arrange items on tables
    • Monitor Auction
    • Close Auction
    • Collect funds

Judging Contest Manager

  • Prior to the Clinic
    • Determine 4 classes to be judge and arrange exhibitors (work with Judging Chair)
    • Arrange for a Judge
    • Prepare Judging forms (Judging Chair may be able to bring)
    • Prepare sign-in sheet
  • Friday evening Judging
    • Prepare sign-in table
    • Coordinate start time, riders, back numbers
    • Coordinate volunteers to assist with circling, monitoring, etc.
    • Collect Judging forms and give to Judging Chair

Equipment Manager

  • Prior to Clinic
    • Work with Clinic committee to determine equipment needed
  • Clinic Weekend
    • Arrange for all equipment to be brought from Frontier Park to the Fairgrounds
    • Make sure equipment is where it’s needed
    • Arrange for all equipment to be returned to Frontier Park

Announcer/Time Monitor

  • During Clinic
    • Make announcements as needed
    • Monitor time to start/end sessions

Arena Monitor(s)

  • During Clinic
    • Make sure clinicians are in place
    • Monitor runners
    • Make sure arenas are ready for each session
    • Help direct participants to correct arenas

Haul-In Monitor(s) (Friday)

  • During Clinic
    • Coordinate haul-in volunteers
    • Coordinate Haul in


  • Prior to Clinic Weekend
    • Coordinate snack items
    • Arrange for Pizza
    • Assist with box lunches

Haul-Out & Clean-up Coordinator (Sunday)