What is the Working Ranch Horse Division?

The 4-H Ranch Horse program was established to help preserve the skills and traditions of the ranch horse, from sorting cows to riding down the trail.  For rules and guidelines see Oregon’s manual and contest guide.

Ranch Horse Manual

Ranch Horse Contest Guide

*VERIFICATION FORM (Must be completed to receive credit towards Fair qualifications) 


  • To participate in Working Ranch Horse classes at the County Fair youth must have attended two pre-approved cattle events prior to July Parent/Leader’s meeting; with the same horse they are be taking to the County Fair.

→At least one of those events must be for the class they want to participate (sorting and/or roping).  Youth may not go to 2 sorting events then enter roping and sorting at Fair; they must have attended 1 sorting and 1 roping qualifier. Two event qualifiers are required though, even if they just want to do sorting or just roping.

→The event must be on the Pierce County 4-H Horse Event Calendar to be considered “approved”

  • It is the youth’s responsibility to complete the “WRH-Verification Form” at each event they attend and turn it in prior to July Parent/Leader’s meeting. (Instructions are on the form).

The form requires the event facilitator’s signature.

  • WAHSET competitions will count as qualifying competitions

Youth must have their WAHSET coach’s sign the verification form for each meet.

  • Pierce County’s Competitive Trail (CTR) Competitions will count as qualifiers for Working Ranch Horse Trail class at Fair. This class will be held separately from arena trail using patterns & obstacles from the Working Ranch Horse Contest Guide.

→ Youth must attend one of the CTR’s to be qualified to participate at fair. (See the event calendar for CTR dates)

  • Working Ranch Horse Pattern class and Skill Test are offered on the Performance Day at qualifying shows.

→To participate at fair in either the WRH Pattern class or skills test, youth must qualify at one of the qualifying shows.

  • Working Ranch Horse Division offers a Year End High Point.  Points from qualifying shows and County Fair will be included to determine winners.

Questions about the Working Ranch Horse Division?  Contact Division Chair Carla Fouste



King County 4-H Working Rancher events have been approved as qualifiers for our County.  Check out King County 4-H page for details on upcoming events.

Be sure you have the verification form completed so you can get credit!