baileyPerformance Horse Division

The performance division is based on the rider’s horsemanship skill known as “Equitation”.  Equitation is the art or practice of riding; referring to a rider’s position while mounted and ability to ride correctly with effective aids.  A judge will rate the rider’s performance and control of the horse, use of aids, proper attire, correct form, and overall ability to perform the task given.  A good equitation rider is always in balance with the horse, maintains a correct position in every gait and movement.  The rider should possess a commanding, but relaxed, presence, and ability to direct the horse with nearly invisible aids. Performance disciplines include stockseat (western), huntseat, and saddleseat.

To find the rules for the Performance Division, check out the PNW Contest Guide.

For more information about the Performance Division contact the Division Chair 


To participate in the Performance Medal program Horse & Rider combination must earn 2 high blues at a qualifying show or Pierce County Fair in the a regular Intermediate or Senior performance class that you want to take to next level. 

Find out if you qualify by reviewing points from the past few years.  (Note: a high blue would be any ribbon score greater than 60)

2016 Points

2015 Points

2014 Points