The Medal and Supreme Award Competition has been formed to offer incentive and challenge to the more advanced riders, enabling them to improve their ability and knowledge.

Bronze, Silver, & Gold Medals and Supreme Award medals classes will be offered in all divisions, including Showmanship.

Each horse/rider combination must qualify. If more than one horse is used, the rider must qualify with each particular horse to enter the medals program with that animal.

Exhibitors must receive two Golds to ride for their Supreme Award.  Supreme Award classes are only offered one time a year, at Pierce County Fair.


Showmanship, Performance, Sport Horse, Small Equine, & Harness – As an Intermediate or Senior, in regular classes, two high blues in a particular class/seat must be obtained to qualify for all Medals programs; at a Pierce County Qualifying Show, Pierce County Fair, State Fair, and closed 4-H Shows.  (Note, it is up the exhibitor to be sure the medals coordinator receives State Fair and closed 4-H show points.)

Western Games – Two qualifying times must be obtained at a Pierce County Qualifying Show or County Fair. (Note, it is up the exhibitor to be sure the Medals Coordinator receives State Fair and closed 4-H show times.)

Do I qualifying? – As of June, 2019

Western Games Qualifying Rides



Small Equine


Sport Horse

Text (253) 307-5517 or Email the Medals Coordinator