What are Western Games?barrels

Western Games, otherwise known as “Gymkhana”, are equestrian events that consist of speed pattern racing.  The events are designed to display precise, controlled actions, and tight teamwork between horse and rider at speed.  Classes include Barrel Racing, Key Race, Two-Barrel Flag Race, International Flag Race, Figure 8 Stake Race and Pole Bending.

State 4-H rules for the Western Games Division, check out the PNW Contest Guide.  County specific rules can be found in our Horse Department Handbook, Chapter 10.

For more information about the Gaming Division contact the Division Chair Mike Rickert and Michelle Norvell

Time Breaks

2018 Pierce County 4-H – Pending

2017 Pierce County 4-H

State Fair

Pierce County Records

Qualifying for Western Games Medals

Qualifying for Western Games Medals requires (2) two qualifying rides for horse and rider combination (intermediate & seniors only).  The qualifying rides are based on the average time of the top 5 rides in the Senior division at qualifying(s) and fairs for the past three years.  (To be calculated every two years – 2018 pending)

 The Qualifying times for Western Games Medals – TBD

Gaming Times for the past 5 years – See how you have improved.

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