What is Dressage?

The objective of Dressage is the harmonious development of the physique and ability of the horse. The emphasis should be placed on suppleness, basic gaits, figures, impulsion and transitions in the performance of the horse, as produced by the rider. Dressage competition consist of a series of individual test with an increasing level of difficulty, advancing as high as Olympic competition.  The Dressage tests are published every four years by the USEF.  4-H offers Introductory, Training, First and Second Level test.

To learn more about dressage check out the 4-H Dressage Manual.

To find the current Dressage Test visit the USEF.

Mocha Jumping 2What is the Fences Division?

“Fences” is referring to the horsemanship skill (Equitation) of riding a horse over a series of jumps. Although we have a Fences Division due to equipment needs we have no ability to provide “Equitation over Fences” classes; although, we have added a two jump Hunter Hack Equitation class.   For more information on Fences and Hunter Hack see Chapter 4 of our Leader’s Handbook.

Questions about Dressage and/or Fences? Contact Division Chair Sandra Kein


To participate in the Dressage Medal program Horse & Rider combination must earn 2 high blues at a qualifying show or Pierce County Fair in the regular intermediate or Senior Dressage class they wish to take to the next level.

Find out if you qualify by reviewing points from the past few years.  (Note: a high blue would be any ribbon score greater than 60)