Spring Extravaganza was a Success!  

Thank you to all who helped out with the Spring Extravaganza; Pierce County Volunteers are AWESOME!  Be sure you fill out the survey form and let us know what you thought!


Show Office Clean-up Help Needed

Some small creepy friends moved into our show office building this winter.  April 15th from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm we will be holding a cleaning/inventory party.  Everything has to come out and the building needs to be cleaned and disinfected prior to the show season. This also gives us the opportunity to throw out lots of old paperwork and things.  We need help!  If you and/or your club can lend a hand please email Jill so we can coordinate supplies (Gloves, facemask, shop vaccuums, cleaners, garbage cans, etc.)

Upcoming Dates & Events

Be sure you check the 4-H Event Calendar for all upcoming events.  Below are a few reminders!

April 12 - Horse Board Meeting

April 15 - Show Office Building Clean-up, Frontier Park

April 19 - Parent Leader Meeting (Manditory Club attendance) - Bring Horse Certificates

April 22 - Horse Judging at Serenity Farms

April 29 - FunRaiser Show at Frontier Park

April 30 - Pounding Hooves/Fire Riders Showmanship Clinic & Play Day

April 30 - Enrollment Deadline to participate at County Fair

May 1 - Horse Certificate Deadline

May 7 - Pounding Hooves/Fire Riders Showmanship Clinic & Play Day

May 20 - Performance/Driving/Dressage Qualifying Show

May 21 - Gaming Qualifying Show


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