Pierce County 4-H Horses
Gaming Tack Check Changes
Please read prior to Saturday

Upon review of the PNW Contest Guide and Pierce County 4-H Horse Leader’s Handbook as well as a discussion on liability and responsibility; the Pierce County 4-H Horse Leaders have decided to change the tack check procedure on Gaming day.  There will no longer be a mandatory “Tack Check” before each gaming event, instead there will be a once a day, “Tack Check Verification Form” that will be filled out by the youth, signed by the parent and submitted at the tack check tent prior to being able to ride for the day.    

Our goal is to promote safety and education and we will therefore have a volunteer man a tack check station to not only collect the forms, but also assist youth and families with completing, give recommendations on tack fitting if asked, and answer equipment and/or rule questions.  It is however, the parent and youth’s responsibility to be sure they have legal and safe equipment for competing.  That being said, per the PNW Contest Guide, “Show management or the judge reserves the right to dismiss any youth or party from any 4-H class or show for any misconduct, lack of sportsmanship, or rule infractions”. Therefore, no warnings will be given for equipment violations. 

There is a Western Games Tack and Apparel Guidelines document in our handbook to help explain specific requirements, you can view it by clicking here.  In addition please review the tack check verification form prior to Saturday’s event to be sure you are ready to safely compete. 

 (The forms will be provided the day of the show.)

Questions or concerns, contact us!


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