Pierce County 4-H Horses
Last Call for Pre-Entry
Electronic Entries Close Tonight


If you would like to enter showmanship or medals class at this weekends Qualifying Show you must pre-enter!  It's to late to throw in the mail but you can use the electronic entry/PayPal until midnight tonight.  Click Here

Last minute show day reminders!

There is a manditory exhibitors meeting at 7:30am!

Be sure you pack a manure fork and bucket to clean up around your trailer!  

It's supposed to be hot; pack sunscreen, bring a water bucket for your horse, water for yourself and pack a lunch!

Don't forget every family is expected to help out!  VOLUNTEER!

For those who are new, trailers are backed up to the fence, trucks facing the arenas.  Please be courtious of spacing, leave room for your neighbor to tie their horse on the passenger side, but keep in mind we have lots of trailers to park!  

Be Safe and Have Fun!

Questions feel free to Contact Us

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