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Spring is approaching fast and our 4-H Horse Activities will start ramping up.  That being said, we need to remind everyone that we are a volunteer run program.  Without the help of parents and leaders, activities do not happen; to include clinics, judgings, shows, and our Fair.  As youth graduate out so do many of our experienced volunteers and we are at a point in the program where we are struggling with finding adults to take over those duties.  If you are new to the program we encourage you to attend the Parent/Leaders meeting, network with our club leaders and consider taking a leadership role at the county level. Our next meeting is April 18th at The Summit Library. (See our current leadership roster for vacant volunteer positions.) In additions, it is expected that every family will volunteer at our events.  There is always something you can do! Check out the Show Volunteer List Online!


Due to lack of interest and volunteer coordination we are cancelling our reservation at Frontier Park on March 24th. We realize that many of our older youth and parents are busy with WAHSET this time of the year and are hoping we can possibly schedule something later this spring/summer.  Maybe we do another Play Day and/or Thrift Store Fundraiser; if we can find parents/leaders to coordinate.  If you have interest in helping, email Jill


Just a reminder that Horse Certificates are due by May 1st.  If you already have one on file you do not have to turn another in; check the list on our website.  Although you are also required to enter your horse information in 4HOnline for Fair Entry we are still requiring the physical certificates be maintained for show office needs. Certificates can be turned it at the Apri 18th Parent/Leader's Meeting or at the April 28th show.


April 28th is the annual Pierce County 4-H Leader’s Fun’Raiser Show at Frontier Park.  All the proceeds go to the Pierce County 4-H Leader’s Council which help fund scholarships and grants.  We are running this show like we did last year; no pre-entry just purchase tickets at the show office.  In additions, we have scaled down our classes and are running as an OPEN SCHOOLING show; not using the Pierce County 4-H Division class list. (Click here for the Class list)  We will not be holding driving or SEIH this year; Mary is working on possibly putting together another SEIH/Driving day later this Spring.  Please spread the word as this is open to anyone, ages 8 and up!  We even have adult classes!   Note, WE DO NEED VOLUNTEERS to assist with making the show happen on April 28th.  People to run the office, help set up arenas, take tickets at the gates, etc.  See the Volunteer Sign-up Sheet on our website.


We currently have NO Judgings scheduled and need clubs to step up and coordinate.  There will be many youth needing that educational activity to qualify for County and/or State Fair.  Remember there must be at least 3 weeks notice, it must be posted on our calendar, and open to all 4-H Members. We will assist with being sure you have all the forms and will handle the scoring and tracking; clubs just need to coordinate the facility, classes & riders, and Judge. You can find more information on the Judging page of our website.  Last year we did one on a Friday before a qualifying show, which eliminated a need for a facility and gave us easy access to horses.  Just email the Judging Coordinator to get the process started.


You will find the Qualifying Show Dates on our website calendar.  We hope to have the entry forms out soon; they will be posted with patterns on the website page.  It has been decided that we will hire a Show Office Manager for this year’s qualifying shows.  This is one of those areas where our volunteers in the know moved on and we have yet to find somebody to take on the huge responsibility.  Therefore, this year we have contracted the duties of preparing for the events and overseeing Show Office functions to an outside source and will be charging each youth/horse combination a $5.00 office fee per show.  This is only a one year contract and the hope is that we will have a few volunteers take the time to learn the show office and software this year and take over those duties in the future. If you have administrative and organizational skills you would like to offer, PLEASE sign up for one of the show office volunteer positions at our shows this year and see if that is a volunteer duty you would like to take on in the future. (We would love to have a "Show Office Team" so not to burn out one volunteer.)


Don't forget to vaccinate!  Start working on those Public Presenations as pre-fair presentations take place this spring!  Be sure you check out Fair Requirements and be sure you have a plan! 

Please check www.pc4hhorseleaders.com for current happenings and contact us if you have any questions!

Thank you!

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