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The Weekend Before Fair


All the posters have been judged and will be available this weekend, should you wish to pick them up.  Connie will have them at the Cat barns starting Saturday morning.  Remember, our goal is to educate the public so lets plan on presenting them at your stalls.


Be sure you take a look at the Leader's Packet and or Handbook for the dues and don'ts of decorating.  Remember no nails or tacks!  Speaking of Leader's Packet - Be sure you all sign the the "Rules Acknowledgement Form" (Parents and youth!)  Both the Leader's Packet and Acknowledgement Form can be found on the website!


We are still seeking youth to sing the National Anthem.  If you are interested contact Jill


We are still taking nominations, submit by clicking here!


We have had a few questions about the use of fans in the barns if we have another week like this past.  If we allow one electric fan we have to allow 118 electric fans.  So the answer has to be NO.  BUT, we will allow battery opperated IF you can find a way to secure them safely. Amazon sells a 10" battery fans for $18, got PRIME? Order now and you will have it by Fair. The barns are very well ventalated and youth will be allowed to water horses down whenever possible, so they should be OK.

Speaking of heat, there is some great information on the web about how to help your horses get through these hot days. EQUUS How Horses Keep Cool & UM Managing horses during hot weather are just a couple.  Be sure you pack salt and/or electrolytes for Fair!  


There is no electricity in the portables.  Clubs may want to consider Tap LED lights or some other type of portable light if needed.  HP Horsehoes bought a six pack of tap lights at Costco last year for around $20 and they worked great! They even had a remote.


Reminder to all, the Fair staff would like us to use the NORTH GATE (not the entrance at the light) this weekend as well as on Haul in day.  The Fair office should also be open this weekend so if you haven't mailed your payments or bought a bracelet try to do it this weekend.  It will make your Wednesday that much easier!


The vets will not be at the Fairgrounds until 4:00pm on Wednesday, August 9th.  Getting there early will just mean you have to stand around in the parking lot.  For those who are new, you will unload your horses in the big parking lot, North end of the grounds, your parents will go park the trailers, you will go through vetcheck and walk your horses to the barns. (Remember all wraps & blankets have to be off for vetcheck.)


As we did last year,  if you live close we are requesting that you take your horse trailer home due to limited trailer parking.  You will be able get a stocktrailer/haul-out pass at the Fair office to bring it back in Sunday. 

Questions about Fair, Check the Website!

Additional Questions... Contact Us!


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