March 24th at Frontier Park
Teen Leaders & Parents, This is for you!!

When it was determined we had to hold our Spring Leader’s Clinic in early February this year, we reserved a day at Frontier Park in the Spring, Saturday, March 24th, to do another hands-on clinic; although, to make this happen we need some HELP!

Parents, Intermediate and Senior 4-H Members who would like to take a leadership role and help out, this is an opportunity to step up and make a difference. The horse leaders have reserved the park for the day but we have no definite plan and no coordinator, so we are reaching out to you to make it happen!

We need to form a planning committee to organize activities and facilitate arena and equipment use. Everything from scheduling clinicians, creating a schedule for the day, advertising, running the office and setting up and measuring gaming patterns. This is a great opportunity to give back to the program and help your fellow 4-H Members.

Some initial IDEAS for the day include the following:

•Kolts and Kitties Club has volunteered to run the Horse Master’s test, and possibly do a practice, training session prior
•Coordinate a showmanship clinic
•Coordinate a gaming patterning practice
•Mary Hursh has volunteered to do a SEIH activity
•How about a Judging that day

This wasn’t meant to be a fundraiser, just a learning day. Although if somebody has a fundraising idea, this might be a good opportunity. Especially for those Seniors wanting to fundraise for Buckles this year!

To make any of this happen we need volunteers to help coordinate.

If you are intersted in helping out, please email Jill ( ASAP. If we can come up with enough Teen Leaders and/or volunteers to assist we will schedule a planning meeting soon.

Thank you!