This weekend is our 2018 Spring Kick Off Clinic at the Tacoma Unit!  We encourage ALL 4-H Members and Friends to stop on by and check out the HUGE Tack Sale as well as our Silent Auction Fundraiser!  This is Pierce County 4-H Horse Department’s one and only planned fundraiser to assist with funding 4-H Awards, Events, and Scholarships!


Friday Night is a 4-H Judging Open to ALL!  If you are not signed up for the Clinic you can still participate, you will have a $5.00 charge.  We would like all to be signed up by 6:00pm at the Show Office (No later than 6:30pm).  To see what classes are being judged, click here


Every PIERCE COUNTY HORSE CLUB is required to provide a minimum of ONE Silent Auction item.  Please turn your clubs donation into the Show Office at the Tacoma Unit Friday evening (or no later than Saturday morning at 9:00am).

There are over 40 Tables Reserved for the ONE DAY Tack Sale!  Be sure you check it out Saturday!

The Tack Sale and Silent Auction start at 9:00 a.m. and goes till 4:00 p.m., Saturday only in the Tacoma Unit Horse Barns!


  • It supposed to be a wet weekend and you will be spending some time outside, so don’t forget your rain gear.
  • The arenas are always cold, so dress warmly
  • Everyone should have gotten a Welcome Packet with their stall number and haul in information. Look for people in orange safety vests or come to the show office behind the arena if you have any haul in questions.
  • We will be charged for any stall that doesn’t have a pile of shavings in the center. So, if you move the shavings in your tack stalls, please put them back at the end of the clinic. (We suggest you just rake them to the corner.)
  • Make sure you bring your basic grooming tools: curry comb, dandy brush, body brush, mane/tail comb, hoof pick.
  • Bring your show tack and have it checked at the “Is my Tack Legal” drop in session.
  • Everyone must have a $25 stall deposit check on file. The grants don’t cover this. If you haven’t sent in your check, bring it to the clinic. Cash in an envelope is also fine for the deposit.


As you can imagine none of this happens without HELP! PLEASE stop on by the Show Office and see what you can do!  Here are just a few jobs needing help:

Friday Night –

  • Tack table set up, we need multiple people to help move and set up tables!
  • Judging – Sign in help, oral reasons judges, monitors (circle cards), etc.

Saturday & Sunday –

  • Youth helpers (Senior members, commit to 5 hours of helping and you can receive a clinic credit.  You must contact Sandra prior and check in and out of the office.)
  • Adult helpers – Assist with various breakout sessions, Silent Auction table monitors, Silent Auction closing help, stall checkers (Saturday evening & Sunday afternoon).

Any Questions, please feel free to Contact Us!